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BSC - ERD Rim Rods

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BSCTools ERD Rim Rods to calculate ERD (Effective Rim Diameter)

Note: Single 350mm rod now available which is laser marked down to 400mm - an upgrade if your ERD rods are marked to 550mm which was the original laser etching

Note: Rods are supplied as a pair (2 rods), with 2 clips that can hold them together

Available in two lengths:

  • 700mm (2 x 350mm rods), one plain rod, one with ruler markings from 700mm down to 400mm). Suitable for 700c, 650c wheels
  • 500mm (2 x 250mm rods), one plain rod, one with ruler markings from 500mm down to 270mm, for smaller wheels


  • no calculation required, just read off the ruler scale where the rods overlap
  • can still measure straight for ERD on offset rims
  • stainless steel for minimal rod flex and long life
  • two clips supplied so you can secure the rods together - you can measure the overlap manually if it does happen to be longer than the marked ruler
  • chamfered rod end for good fit into nipple eyelet

There is a PDF manual for the ERD Rim Rods at