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BSC - Headset Press (M12-HS-PRESS1)

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The BSCTools Headset Press is designed to install various 1 inch, 1 1/8 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch up to 63mm headset cups.

 Now supplied in a case.

There are very many headset cup dimensions but this tool should have a drift to fit most, if not all of them.

  • Includes a Centring Cone to help install the first cup straight (fits head tubes from 20mm diameter up to 54mm)
  • Drifts are anodised for wear and corrosion protection
  • 320mm Stainless Steel M12 threaded rod - should install into bicycles with up to 25cm long head tubes
  • Green drift that fits 41mm ID headset cups (Hope top headset cups for example amongst many others)
  • Green drift that fits 52mm ID headset cups (Hope bottom headset cups for example amongst many others)
  • Thrust bearing to make installation smooth

Top handle - each silver handle 100mm wide

Lower handle - each silver handle 45mm wide

The red headset drifts have the following diameters - 25.7mm, 29.7mm, 32.8mm, 47.5mm, 63mm


  • centre your headset press tool in the head tube using the C-1 Centering Cone as you press in the other cup.
  • install the second cup using the headset press in the normal way

Due to an increase cost of materials we've had to raise the price on this amazing kit.