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BSC - Press Fit Bottom Bracket Removal Tool (PF-EXT-SET2.14h)

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Remove almost all PressFit bottom brackets in just a few seconds.

Swappable 22, 24, 28, 29 and 30mm pullers

Extractor cups for 41, 42 and 46mm shell bottom brackets

Sleeve for 22x37 and 24x37mm bearing removal from BB cups in situ.


  • much simpler and faster than all the other tools available
  • bottom brackets can be reused/refitted after removal - e.g. for access to internal/electronic cables/speed sensors
  • no hammering required
  • no other tools required
  • 41/42mm cup is designed to press against edge of BB shell
  • 46mm shell cups (blue and black) are nylon to avoid marking frames

Shimano PressFit BB86/92 - 24mm puller and 41/42mm extractor cup (Note: works even if the plastic sleeve is fitted between the bottom bracket cups)

SRAM DUB - removes all versions - 29mm puller and 41/42 or 46mm extractor cups as required

BB30, BB30A, BBRight (Direct Fit) - 30mm puller and 41/42mm cup

PF30, PF30A, BBRight (Press Fit), BB386EVO, BB392EVO - 30mm puller and 46mm extractor cup

Campagnolo Ultra Torque - 30mm puller and black 46mm extractor cup

SRAM/Truvativ GXP - 22mm, 24mm puller, 41/42mm extractor cup

SRAM/Truvativ GXP - remove bearings from cups - 22mm, 24mm puller, 41/42mm extractor cup, 37mm sleeve

Also extracts C-Bear bottom brackets and many others not listed here