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BSC - Pro Bottom Bracket Press (PRO-BB-PRESS1)

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This pro quality tool is designed to install most types of press fit bottom brackets and their bearings.

Designed for frequent workshop use.


  • stainless steel handles for a long life
  • stainless steel trapezoidal thread for strength and fast installation
  • colour coded drifts for easy identification
  • drifts also laser marked with fitment information
  • stepped purple single sided drift so you can install one bottom bracket cup at a time (some bottom bracket instructions require this)
  • thrust bearing to make installation smoother and easier
  • drifts are anodised for wear and corrosion protection
  • provided in a case

Drifts included (in pairs):

  • Red - Shimano 24mm x 44mm BB86 BB92 and other 24mm axle BBs
  • Green - BB30 30mm x 42mm (and PF30)
  • Grey - SRAM DUB 28.99mm
  • Blue - BB90/95
  • Yellow - 22 x 37mm (SRAM/Truvativ GXP) and Spanish BMX
  • Purple (one drift) - for installing one side at a time - 41, 42, 46 and 50mm steps