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BSC - Speed Driver Bits

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For quick and easy wheel building, the these speed drivers install spoke nipples to the same depth. Simply adjust desired tip length with the set screw.

For use with an electric drill or a screwdriver - standard screwdriver bit 1/4" hex shank (6.35mm).

The hex will prevent the bit spinning when used with a drill. Designed with input from professional wheel builders.

All bits include spare set screw, insert and 1.5mm hex key

DS-1 For Double Square 3.2/3.3 (deep rims) 

DS-1s for Double Square 3.2/3.3 (shallow rims)

DS-2s for Double Square 3.4mm 

DS-3.6s for 3.6mm square

H-5.5 for Hex 5.5 (deep rims)

H-5.5s for Hex 5.5 (shallow rims)

H-5.5sn for Hex (shallow rims / narrow)

SB-1 for Slotted Nipples (deep rims)

SB-1s for Slotted Nipples (shallow rims)

SQ-1s for DT Swiss Squorx (shallow rims)