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IREGA - Adjustable Wrenches

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Founded in 1945, IREGA exclusively manufactures adjustable wrenches. Located in Spain, IREGA exports 90% of its total production to over 60 countries, positioning itself as the European leader of the adjustable wrenches. Utilizing their technical specifications and highly selective international supplier policies ensures the highest quality raw materials are used during the manufacturing of the adjustable wrenches. Quality, functionality, ergonomics, design, and environmental protection are the criteria that direct IREGA into new innovative ideas for their product line.


"77" Series comes in 4", 6" and 8" lengths and feature:

  • Precision-ground jaw slides ensure smoother action and accurate work
  • Triple chrome finish for maximum rust resistance
  • Threaded pin offers double security for working under extreme conditions
  • Perfectly parallel jaws surfaces ensure perfect grip of nut

Super Wide is an 8" wrench and features:

  • 8-inch SWO adjustable wrench opens up to the size of a standard 12-inch long wrench
  • No wobble or play in the lower jaw for a perfect grip on a nut or a bolt
  • Non-protruding jaw shank and slim profile permit access to tight spaces
  • Ergonomic two-component replaceable handle


  • Slim Jaw 8mm vs the typical 14 to 15
  • The Light-Weight adjustable wrench for professional use.
  • Xtra Opening, this 8" wrench opens to a maximum of 46mm
  • Lighten and Slim profile handle for Light Weight.