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NES Threadmate - Thread Repair Tool

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Introducing a solution to one of the most common and frustrating reoccurring problems in working with fasteners Stripped and damaged threads. NES THREAD REPAIR specializes in repairing both external and internal damaged threads. No need for calibration, and repairs standard or metric threads. The outstanding innovation of these hand tools was recognized and received an Editors Choice Award from Popular Mechanics in 2010. The award was given for outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation.

  • Designed to restore and repair damaged external threads
  • Handles threads ;ny pitch, metric or non-metric
  • Easy to use, no prior calibration needed
  • One hand tool restores Inch or Metric, RH or LH fastener threads
  • Floating cutters are self-adjusting to any pitch and size within range
  • No need for calibration or identifying fastener thread type
  • Automatically chases good thread sections to repair the damaged parts
  • Hardened cutting blades (HSS)
  • Cutters can remove some burrs and “rust bunnies”
  • Operating Range - Outer Diameter: 4mm to 12mm