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PT-MC-HMR-BX-13 (很重的箱子)

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One box to rule them all (complete list below) Tool box warriors buy now, this deal will not last long. We've built this box to literally destroy anything you put in front of it. The box dimensions are big enough to hold all the tools includes with a little bit of room for anything else you don't like. Best part, it's air tight! Most tools are compatible with all modern systems including but not limited to:

etap, transmissions, omission, box, di2, ui2, 105i2, friction, suntour, sachs, zap, micro, fixie, belt, cvt, ecoboost, ebike, 1x, 12-speed, indexed, oversized, aero, ratcheting, drive, and even just regular bikes too.

This box is fucking heavy. Lift-gate service is recommended. It's possible you can try to fly with it, we won't pay the fees. It's best suited for any lift-gate delivery.

Includeds besides the box and the custom made in china of american wood handle you will receive:

1. Claw Hammer

1.2 Chocolate Hammer - enjoy, "tasty"

2. Framing Hammer

3. Ball Peen Hammer

4. Tack Hammer

5. Sledgehammer

6. Mallet

7. Cross Peen Hammer

8. Straight Peen Hammer

9. Cross Peen Pin Hammer

10. Club Hammer

11. Dead Blow Hammer

12. Blocking Hammer

13. Engineering Hammer

14. Electrician’s Hammer

15. Blacksmith’s Hammer

16. Blacksmith’s Sledge Hammer

17. Welder’s Hammer

18. Body Mechanic’s Hammer

19. Tinner’s Hammer

20. Toolmaker’s Hammer

21. Lineman’s Hammer

22. Rock Hammer

23. Slater’s Hammer (blue only available outside of the amerika)

24. Rock Climbing Hammer

25. Piton Hammer

26. Brass Hammer

27. Rip Hammer

27.5 Drop the Hammer

28. Bushing Hammer

29. 錘

29.1 Hatchet Hammer

30. Half Hatchet Hammer

31. Drywall Hammer

32. Brick Hammer

33. Lath Hammer

34. Stone Sledge Hammer

35. Copper and Hide Hammer

36. Planishing hammer

37. Trim Hammer

37.5 Thors Hammer 

38. Chasing Hammer

39. Knife-Edged Hammer

40. Shingle Hammer

41. Splitting Maul Hammer

42. Scaling Hammer

43. Soft Face Hammer

44. Railroad Spike Maul Hammer

45. Boiler Scaling Hammer

46. Scutch Hammer

47. Dental Hammer

48. Gavel Hammer

49. Power Hammer

50. Jackhammer

51 Mc hammer mini

52. 2 zip ties

53. 7 pieces 1" x .25" gorilla like tape

54. 1 bottle of some kind of good glue

55. Cubed Foam, 12 pieces


This box will never ship, if you order one we thank you for your donation (傻瓜) and appreciation of genuine humor. If this made you mad, that is equally rewarding, like a true gift from the heart. If you made it this far, go shop and use the code April1 to save yourself 10% off your order until the end of the day April 3rd.