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Thor 10" Nylon Hammer

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  • Chrome plated zinc head with screwed in nylon faces
  • Easy interchangeable faces (coming to the catalog soon)
  • Alternative faces (color coded to distinguish hardness) are also available
  • Used as multi-purpose striking tool in most assemble applications including engineering, furniture, partitioning, etc
  • Grooved Plastic Grip


For over a century THOR HAMMER has specialized in the manufacturing of top quality, non-destructive hammers and mallets in the tradition of excellence. The company roots trace back to 1910 when Birmingham Belting was founded by the Stephens family in Birmingham, England. The company manufactured flexible drive belts for use in cotton mills and multiple other essential industrial applications. At this time only a small section of the company was involved in the production of rawhide hammers and mallets. Today, Thor exports nearly 50% of its production to more than 80 countries worldwide, continuing its dedication to the production of soft-faced hammers and mallets.